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Francesco Antoniol

Born in Feltre (BL) March 29, 1979, industrial maturity, graduated in Philosophy at the University of Padua

In 2006 he obtained a Master's Degree in “Conservation, management and exploitation of the industrial heritage”, archive address, established by the University of Padova (Department of History), IUAV of Venice and Turin Polytechnic

Since 2005 he collaborates with the “Consorzio di Bonifica Pedemontano Brentella Pederobba” (now “Consorzio di Bonifica Piave”) for which he prepared the inventory of the archival fund “Factories”, for the same institution directs the series of “The Notebooks of Fra Giocondo”. In 2006, for the Sportsystem District has designed and prepared the inventory of product catalogs and of footwear preserved at the “Museum of the boot and sports shoe” in Montebelluna (TV)

Since June 2006 he has collaborated with the Department for Libraries and Archives of the Autonomous Province of Trento for doing, at first, the census of business archives in the provincial area and later, the census of the archives of the preschools institutions

In 2008, on behalf of the Cooperative Society Arcadia is responsible for the census and cataloging, at the State Archive of Padua, of the archival fonds of sugar industries (Group Montesi) and, at the State Archive of Rovigo, for the inventory of funds relating to land reclamation Padana Polesana and Adige-Canal Bianco

In 2009, on behalf of Trentino Trasporti SpA, prepares the census of enterprise archive

In December 2009, follow training seminars “The preservation and enhancement of the archive of Architecture” organized by the National Association of Contemporary Architecture Archives, MAXXI Architecture and University IUAV of Venice, “The enterprise archive: organization, management and conservation of business archives” organized by ANAI - Section Tuscany

After many other training opportunities, such as the school of oral history AISO in Turin, in January 2014 he obtain the Master FGCAD (Making, management and preservation of public and private digital archives)

Collaborates with UniS&F-Unindustria Servizi & Formazione Treviso Pordenone for the design and implementation of training projects and cultural innovation for companies

Member since 2006 of the AIPAI-Italian Association for the Industrial Archaeological Patrimony, now in the National Board of Directors.

He is the author of studies, publications, and exhibition layouts in the economic and business field that concern the Triveneto and Treviso area in particular; many of these presented at the conference, in Italy and in Europe

A member of ANAI and Archim, of which he is National Vice President, he is responsible for organizing the annual Archivist Summer School

Roberto Marini

Born October 28, 1970 in Trento, scientific maturity, graduated in Economics science and Commerce at Trento University

In 2003, following the “Training Course for business archives of the province of Trento” held at the City Library “G. Tartarotti” in Rovereto and in 2006 he obtained a Master's Degree in “Conservation, management and exploitation of the industrial heritage” archive address, set up by the University of Padua (Department of History), IUAV of Venice, Turin Polytechnic

He collaborate with the Department of Library and archival heritage of the Autonomous Province of Trento, carrying out the projects of description of historical archive of the Tobacco Factory in Rovereto (2003-2004), of inventory of the archives of the Companies of Promoting Tourism in Trentino (also dealing drawing boards of selection and rejection) (2004-2006). He do the recognition of the historical archive of the Institute of Credito Fondiario of Trentino-Alto Adige and of archive of municipal electricity company of Levico Terme (2006-2007)

On behalf of the Department of History at the University of Padua is responsible for the development and organization of the project of the cultural initiative “Trentino: the signs of labor” which took place in March 2007 at the Rovereto City Library “G. Tartarotti” and the Department of Economics, University of Trento

From July 2007 to 2010 held various activities for the Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Agriculture and Crafts of Trent: census of the documentation, a detailed list of the historical archive, advice and service in the selection and rejection of documentation, and more generally in document management

In March 2009, following the training seminar “The estate and preservation of digital documents” organized by the University of Urbino “Carlo Bo” - Faculty of Arts and Humanities

From 2008 to 2014 he is a member and coordinator for Section Trentino-Alto Adige/Südtirol of the AIPAI-Italian Association for Industrial Archaeological Heritage

Scholarly in history and archivistics, with particular in-depth analysis of issues related to industrial archeology and material culture, he is the author, in particular, of the following publications:

- The plant for the production of Portland cement “Domenico Frizzera”. The origins of Italcementi di Trento (Studi Trentini. Storia, A. 90, 2011, No. 2)

- Construction company Pierino Bonvecchio. Inventory of the company archive (1937-2004) and oral testimonies (2012) (Autonomous Province of Trento, 2013)

- Stories of highways and structural engineering. The archive of the Ing. Lino Gentilini Foundation (Studi Trentini. Storia, A. 97, 2018, No. 1)

From 2013 he is a member of the “Società di Studi Trentini di Scienze Storiche”